walt...@sphere.bc.ca said:
> After re-working the lab I have my Z3801A in, I realized there's no windows
> computers left anywhere near there.  Is there any monitoring software that
> will  run on my 16.04 Ubuntu Linux machines?

Depending on what you want, your best bet may be to wait for the new Lady 
Heather to get released.

You can feed it to ntpd.  After you get things setup, ntpq -p will give you a 
quick summary but won't help you track down problems if it isn't working 

If you like hacking from the command line, consider 2 terminal windows.

First, setup the baud rate and such.  Something like this:
  stty -F /dev/ttyS0 19200 oddp igncr -echo

On one window do:
  cat /dev/ttyS0
on the other do things like:
  echo -e ":SYSTEM:STATUS?" > /dev/ttyS0

You can put that in a loop:
while true
echo echo -e ":SYSTEM:STATUS?" > /dev/ttyS0
sleep 30

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