Hi Adrian,

FYI -- Bill's also a long-time member of time-nuts. And he's also one of the 
reasons there is a time-nuts group. In the mid 90's I met Bill (and also Corby) 
through classified ads in Nuts & Volts magazine. Long story, but it was then 
that I learned it was "ok" to be interested in both vintage mechanical / 
pendulum clocks and also modern quartz / atomic clocks. His pendulum clocks are 
world-class masterpieces and his home atomic time lab was the inspiration for 

>From my perspective most historical, horological, mechanical watch & clock 
>people are shy (or even dismissive) of anything electronic. Similarly, most 
>electronic timekeeping people are ignorant (or even dismissive) of the 
>wonderful world of precision mechanical timekeeping. So there's only a small 
>subset of people who bridge that gap. Bill is one of them. If you're 
>interested in modern mechanical timekeeping, please subscribe to HSN 
>(Horological Science Newsletter) via http://www.hsn161.com

If you have any questions for Bill, I'm sure he'd be happy to answer them.


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> Bill Scolnik's Clocks:
> http://www.precisionclocks.com/index.html
> The (non mechanical) standards lab:
> http://www.precisionclocks.com/wpimages/wpe1967732_06.png
> Adrian

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