Am 07.03.2018 um 22:09 schrieb Poul-Henning Kamp:

This explains why my oven clock and the time/temperature display
on the building outside my apartment in Switzerland are six minutes
slow since January. It was a great mystery to me.
Can you get a picture of this ?  It would be wonderful to have for future 

Does that help?

<         >

Input to the counter is just an AC wall wart with a voltage divider to 4Vpp.
Now, the frequency has risen to above 50.02 Hz constantly. It is in the middle of the night after all.
They have to catch up.

BTW I have decided to build an analog phase noise tester of my own. This weekend
I did most of the mechanical things, but it is still in a kit state.

The pictures are to the left of the 49 Hz-Pic.
The 1-to-6 coax relays are part of the switchable lambda/4 delay line, so I can enforce
quadrature everywhere above 5 MHz, including unknown amplifiers etc.
Still looking for 2 more 1:6 relays.

The mixers and dividers are in stereo, so I can do cross correlation in the 89441A. One of the mixer/preamp units is open, the ref oscillators will be MTI-260s on
my oscillator carrier board.

Have a good night,

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