All -- This is a reminder that time-nuts is a technical mailing list.

Please be careful with your replies. If you read, compose and hit send within 
30 seconds, it's likely the post will sound like it belongs on social media 
instead of time-nuts.

Our list works best when postings are well thought out, technical and 
educational. With 1800 members it doesn't scale well to use the list for 
off-the-cuff comments or speculation or tangents upon tangents.

When a posting arrives that's off-topic or is missing substantial technical 
content I usually send a private email to explain why it might not be suitable. 
Be we've had so many recently that I don't have time to engage with each member 
personally. So if your post goes missing or if you get an automated rejection 
notice from the server don't take it personally; we're just trying raise the 
bar after a gradual drift in quality. As John says, time nuts is a low volume, 
high SNR list.

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