Big thanks to Attila, Frank, and Taka for your responses to my questions on my Trimble Thunderbolt.

I'm inclined to follow Taka's advice and reset the antenna elevation mask angle with LH's FE command to something between 10 and 20 degrees. I'm guessing that this is entered in degrees (i.e. "15"), but I can't find anything in the LH documentation to verify this, so if it's wrong I'm happy to be corrected. Also, as noted I set the satellite signal level mask to 1 with LH's FL command, but short of doing a full reset of the Thunderbolt I'm having trouble figuring out what the default value is for this.

I appreciate Attila's and Frank's suggestions on topics to study such as Allan deviation to dip more toes into metrology. I've started in on this, though I imagine it will take a while to work through. For now, I wanted to throw out one follow-up question. I see that ADEV diagrams plotting Allan deviation against time seem to be a primary tool for evaluating GPSDO performance. If I wanted to compare the Thunderbolt to another GPSDO (for example, I also have a Bodnar unit), is there software not wildly beyond a hobbyist budget that would allow me to compile and display similar data?

Thanks again,


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