On Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 11:57:27PM +0200, Alex Corcoles wrote:

> I've got a four site site-to-site tinc mesh working nicely. I have the
> following systems at two of those sites:
> 10.a.a.2: Linux box running tinc and DHCP/DNS for site A
> 10.a.a.dhcp: Windows desktop with a GPU
> 10.b.b.2: Linux box running tinc and DHCP/DNS for site B
> 10.b.b.dhcp: Linux laptop
> I'd like to use Steam In-Home Streaming to game in the laptop streaming
> from the desktop. The Steam protocol is not well documented, but it
> seems to rely on UDP broadcasts to x.x.x.127 UDP port 27036 to discover
> remote nodes.

Tinc itself supports UDP broadcast packets. However, in router mode, it
will only treat and as broadcast address
ranges. If you are using tinc 1.1pre11 or later, you can add the
following to your tinc.conf files:

BroadcastSubnet = x.x.x.127

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