On Mon, 17 Oct 2016, Michael Matz wrote:

Now, I do agree that we'd want to add a work around for this in tcc. I think a better work-around than defining __GNUC__ is to define the above macros instead. __GNUC__ simply has quite some side-effects. (E.g. after the patch you can't compile programs on some versions of glibc anymore because it then uses facilities of GNU C that tcc simply doesn't implement).

For the time being I've committed

which restricts the hack to FreeBSD only. If it's necessary for OpenBSD or NetBSD as well it could be extended. Better would be to restrict the hack somewhat to only define the necessary macros.

FWIW: the error mode when having __GNUC__ with glibc is that <limits.h> won't be found, because glibc include_nexts a limits.h that's supposed to be coming from the compiler, when __GNUC__. TCC doesn't provide one (and doesn't need to).


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