Thanks for releasing a new version and specially
for adding the full winapi.
shlobj.h was missing before this useful addition.

So I finally was able to compile, link and run
my little project with tcc

However, I had to make 2 modifications to TCC for it to work:

1) GetConsoleWindow is missing in kernel32.def
    (just add the missing line)

2) On windows 10 x64, I installed tcc-0.9.27-win64-bin.zip

    compilation was fine, but link complained that _wstat64i32 was
    undefined. In my code, I call _wstat().

    I had to modify sys/stat.h in tcc, I replaced line 86 with:
    #define _wstat _wstat64 /* was _wstat64i32 */
    ( this may not be the right modification for every platform though )

I hope you'll be able to integrate these corrections.
Don't hesitate to ask if I can help.

Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

guillaume vareille

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