Hello everybody.

OS: Windows 7 x64 (but problem is independent from OS)
Version tcc: 0.9.26
Version libpng: 1.6.34

When I try to compile liblary from source with tcc I encounter with problem on 
preprocessor step (I suspect so).
All c-files includes pngpriv.h; pngpriv.h includes png.h where defined 
similarly strings, for example:

typedef PNG_CALLBACK(void, *png_error_ptr, (png_structp, png_const_charp));

png.h includes pngconf.h where PNG_CALLBACK macros is defined as:

define PNG_CALLBACK(type, name, args) type (PNGCBAPI name) PNGARG(args)
PNGCBAPI is _cdecl or __stdcall
define PNGARG(arglist) arglist

As can you see there are no syntax error. GCC compilation had done OK. But tcc 
write in stderr that ')' expected (got '*') (in png.h:806).
Compilation one c-file (for example png.c) was done command:
tcc -c -Wall -IC:\tcc\include\zlib png.c

What's wrong?

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