Hi everyone:
     Does anyone on this list have a webpage for their introductory 
     psychology courses?  I would be interested in seeing how others have 
     organized their webpages.  Over the past few weeks I've been selecting 
     texts and putting together a syllabus for an upcoming course this fall 
     and was thinking about putting together a webpage and having the 
     students utlilize the internet.
     Thanks in advance for your input!
     Rod Hetzel
     Roderick D. Hetzel, Ph.D.
     Department of Anesthesiology
     University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry 
     Pain and Symptom Treatment Center
     2337 Clinton Avenue South
     Rochester, New York  14618
     716-275-3524 (phone)
     716-220-2834 (pager)
     716-473-5007 (FAX)
     [EMAIL PROTECTED] (email)

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