I have a student in AP Psychology doing a research paper on the 
interplay between emotions and acting, generally whether an actor 
who is portraying an emotional experience undergoes a  
psychological and/or physiological experience  equivalent to that of 
someone actually experiencing the emotion, and whether the 
degree to which the two experiences are equivalent might be 
dependent on the actor's method (e.g. the Stanislavsky Method 
teaches actors to recall an actual emotional experience in order to 
portray it).  This all started with class discussions on various 
theories of emotion:  Cannon-Bard, James Lange, etc.   

I am hoping there might be some research available in the areas of 
emotion and memory which might pertain, but I am frankly a little 
out of my depth. 
My student and I would be grateful for any direction in terms of 
sources or approach to the topic.  Thanks in advance for your help.

Oliver Bloch

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