I went to Star Wars to see what all the hub-bub was about.  I agree that the 
movie, itself, was lacking  in many ways.  However, the racism charges are a 
bit absurd.  The Jar Jar character seemed to represent the a take on the 
common trickster character in many culture.  THe character that, with 
ignorant or evil intentions, unwittingly helps his/her people.  Such a 
character is common in many mythologies.  Jar Jar was fumbling but his antics 
led to positive results.
        It amazes me how bored, myopic, and angry people must to be to read 
their agendas into such things.  I have been, in the past, part of a thread 
on this list discrediting clinical uses of projective techniques.  Perhaps I 
should rethink my position!  Then again, without projection, what would all 
of the Political Correct people do?


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