Hi, Rod. I used Gleitman's Psychology 4th Edition in the Fall for my 
senior-level Advanced General Psych class, which focuses on experimental, 
physio, animal psych, and I'll be using the 5th Edition this fall. I liked it 
and I didn't hear the students complaining. I chose it over Sternberg's text 
and Gray's text for reasons that I don't recall at the moment. The instructor 
materials may have had something to do with it.

I wouldn't use it for an intro level course, though, at least not at this 
college with these students. It's a fairly high level difficult text. I use 
Myers' Exploring Psychology for the first-year students.

Nathalie Cote
Belmont Abbey College

>      Hi everyone:
>       Does anyone have any experience with either of the two Gleitman et al 
>       psychology texts: Psychology (5/e) and Basic Psychology (5/e).  The 
>       ancillary material seems outstanding, but I am concerned about 
>       students being overwhelmed by the text material.  
>       Any feedback will be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.  
>       Rod Hetzel

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