I am thinking about using a different text next semester for my Child 
Psy. course. I've used the Berger book for the past 9 years, and it
has worked well. But I'm thinking I may be interested in a change, 
especially since a new edition is coming out for the fall, and I will 
have to re-work my course to accomodate this edition anyway. 

About 95% of my students in the course are El Ed majors, and Child 
is a requirement for them. I've examined the Helen Bee book, "The 
Growing Child,  An Applied Approach", and was wondering if anyone has 
used it. Since my students are not Psychology majors, I've tend to 
emphasize application over theory, and this text looked like it  
would be a good choice. I would very much appreciate any comments 
from anyone who has used  or reveiwed it.


Kathleen Kleissler
Psychology Department
Kutztown Universriy
Kutztown, PA 

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