I would like to thank everyone who responded to my request re: stats textbooks  (even 
though I mistakenly left the subject field blank).  Twenty six people responded and 12 
different texts were identified.  The full results are below.  The frequency count for 
each text book is in brackets following the reference.

1.  Gravetter, F.J. and Wallnau, L.B. (1996).  Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, 
Fourth Edition. Brooks/Cole. ISBN: 0-314-06806-6         [7]

2.   Aron, A. & Aron, E.N. (1998) Statistics for Psychology, 2/e.  Prentice Hall. ISBN 
0-13-914078-6       [4]

3.  Pagano, R.R. (1999). Understanding Statistics in the Behavioral Sciences, Fifth 
Edition. Brooks/Cole. ISBN: 0-534-35390-8           [3]

4.  Hurlburt, R.T. (1998) Comprehending Behavioral Statistics, 2nd Ed. Brooks/Cole. 
ISBN: 0-534-34889-0         [2]

5.  Jaccard, J. & Becker, M.A. (1997). Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, Third 
Edition. Brooks/Cole. 
ISBN: 0-534-17406-X             [2]

6.  McCall, R. B. (1998) Fundamental Statistics for Behavioral Sciences, (7th Ed.). 
Brooks/Cole. ISBN: 0-534-52371-4

7.  Kranzler, G. & Moursund, J. (1999).  Statistics for the Terrified, 2nd edition.  
Prentice Hall. ISBN 0-13-955410-6          [1]

8.  Kiess, H.O. (1996) Statistical Concepts for the Behavioral Sciences, 2nd edition.  
ISBN: 0-205-16648-2              [1]

9.  Vaughan, E.D. (1997) Statistics: Tools for understanding data in the behavioral 
sciences, 1st edition. Prentice Hall. ISBN 0-02-422733-1            [1]

10. Hopkins, K.D. Hopkins, B.R. & Glass, G.V. (1996). Basic Statistics for the 
Behavioral Sciences, 3rd Edition.  ISBN: 0-205-16086-7   [1]

11. Lockhart, _Introduction to Statistics and Data  Analyis_ Pub by Freeman in 1998    

12. Grimm, L.G. (1993) Statistical Applications for the Behavioral Sciences.  Wiley.   

Thanks again.


Mark J. Sciutto, Ph.D.
Dept. of Psychology
Westminster College
New Wilmington, PA 16172

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