>But the news report provided by the Family Research Council was dated
>June 9 and referred to a resolution said to have been "unveiled" by
>the APA on Wednesday (which is June 9, I guess). So they seem to >imply

The FRC report was referring to the June 9 letter from the
APA President to Tom Delay. This letter refers to the resolution.
Why does it matter when the resolution came out?

>this is a new position of the APA in response to their protest.
>However, the use of the weasel term "unveiled" raises the suspicion
>that they're just using the older statement and pretending it's
>something new.

FRC provides a link to the letter. Anyone that wants to can
find the resolution on the left-wing APA site. What's weasly about that?

>Would you buy a used car from these people?

I'd buy one from them before I bought one from a pedophile.

JT Burtchaell
University of Hard Knocks

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