Most DEFINITELY to be honest! I have always been honest. For better and for
the WORST! and I wish there were more books I could review ;-)  But I do
send feedback routinely on errors or other problems in books. I'm currently
teaching IO and the text selected for me by the department has some
sections I just truly 3 pages dedicated to explaining
Maslow's hierarchy followed by ONE SENTENCE that says, well, there's really
no strong evidence for this model, Maslow didn't really come up with the
pyramid idea,  (not to mention how easily falsifiable it is),  but managers
LOVE it, so here you go! ARGH! I did send feedback via my book rep about
this. I thought it should be opposite coverage, you, newly educated
scholars, make sure this goes away! It's psychobabble. Please! Here is one
paragraph describing it and now here is the evidence that fails.

So go for being HONEST. You are NOT being "bought" but rather are being
paid for your professional analysis.


Annette Kujawski Taylor, Ph.D.
Instructor, Pearl Harbor Apprenticeship Program
Joint Base, Pearl Harbor Hickam, Hawaii
Professor, Psychological Sciences
University of San Diego

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> 1. Text reviews
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> If a publisher pays me an honorarium to review a potential text, are they
> paying me to be honest or are they paying me to say only good things about
> the book?
> Carol
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