Scientists at Columbia U (in the city of New York -- always wondered why
they added that bit on, possibly to avoid confusion with Columbia U in the
city of Oshkosh) have developed techniques that will store all sorts of current
media -- text, pictures, movies, music, any information representation [now
we know how the aliens in Sagan's "Contact" encoded the blueprints for
the spaceships] -- on DNA.  Given the stability of DNA (we can decode
human ancestor DNA that is 430,000 years old)  it can be used to store
all human knowledge, art, and whatever that have been produced for
all time (well, maybe not the porn, that would take up a *lot* of space ;-).
Columbia U in you-know-where put out a press release which can be
read here that provide more information:

I guess George Lucas had better get going on converting the Star Wars
movies into DNA (as well as which scenes he'll change, like whether
Hans shoots first or not).

-Mike Palij
New York University

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