i am currently working on a project(using tkinter) that uses the Notebook
widget and has an area that serves as an editor but when i click on 'new
file' it does open it in a new tab but does not show the tab, the previous
tab that i was on before clicking 'new file' is still the one on display...
i need it to automatically display the new tab instead of me having to
click on it before i see the tab
this is the source code for that:
    def new(self,filename1='Untitled'):
        global content_text
        tab_frame=Frame(myNote,height=600, width=1350,
background='#113147208', borderwidth=1, relief= FLAT)
        line_number_bar = Text(tab_frame, width=2, padx=2,
takefocus=True,    border=0, background='tan', state='disabled',
wrap='none', cursor = 'dotbox')
        line_number_bar.pack(side='left', fill='y')
        content_text = Text(tab_frame, wrap='word',
        content_text.pack(expand='yes', fill='both')
        scroll_bar = Scrollbar(content_text, cursor = 'dotbox')
        scroll_bar.pack(side='right', fill='y')

thanks in advance
it's my first time using this platform
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