Because the official Tkinter's documentation is not complete I have to learn 
Tcl/Tk language,learning a new language and translate its syntax take a great 
efforts. So to make things easier for Python's users ,I made this project 
"Tcl/Tk--|direct translation|-->Tkinter"(https://wiki.tcl.tk/49306) and as I 
said in my project's description: "My objective is to make a direct translation 
from Tcl/Tk to Tkinter...". The work is not yet complete but I want the 
Python's community to benefit from it and participate in its developpement(I 
can share with you the translation's rules, they are my inventions :-) )

Honestly I feel comfort in Tcl/Tk wiki except some limitations:
-to change the name of a page you can't do it directly you have to create new 
page with new title
-problem in indented text

And it was also an opportunity to discover "Tcl" language(It is not bad).

Thanks for your attention.
Gourinda Adil

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