Am Sat, 15 Oct 2016 15:12:31 +0200
schrieb Fred Siegmund <>:

> Hi, some problems with the actual master branch, found during 
> preparation for the WAG contest:
> <CTRL>-G does not show the call anymore in the callsign field, when 
> grabbing the next call > must be a bug?
Sorry for late reply - junst coming home from a business trip.

Thanks for pointing out the problem. For now setting BMAUTOGRAB in
logcfg.dat should help.

73, Tom DL1JBE

> When using a initial_exchange file it would be better, if it is in
> place to show just somewhere the exchange and not to put it in the
> exchange field. Because like in WAG you are getting DOKs and serial
> numbers and with RECALL_MULTS it shows also the serial numbers (which
> you don't want).
> 73 Fred
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