For those wanting to experiment with building Tlf against Hamlib 4.0~git
(the present development master branch) that is installed in
$HOME/local, try the following commands.

To find the correct hamlib.pc file:

PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$PKG_CONFIG_PATH:/$HOME/local/lib/pkgconfig ../tlf/configure 

To verify Tlf is correctly linked to hamlib 4.0~git:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$HOME/local/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH ldd $(which tlf) | grep 

Outputs: => /home/nate/local/lib/ 

Your hex address will likely differ.

Likewise to start Tlf using the local hamlib:


NOTE!  A recent change to Hamlib expanded the radio model numbers.  For
example, the Elecraft K3 is now model 2029.  Use the 'rigctl -l' command
to see the complete list.

With many new models and various changes, we'd like to get feedback on
Hamlib 4.0~git with Tlf.

Daily master branch source tarballs of Hamlib are available at:

73, Nate


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