I'd like to propose a small to the Certificate message format to allow for
future extensibility of the protocol.

This change adds a set of extensions to the Certificate message. With this
change, the Certificate message can now hold all extension messages that
are certificate-specific (rather than connection-specific). This change
also resolves the anomaly of OCSP messages appearing before certificates in
the handshake.

I've come to the conclusion that the current mechanism in TLS 1.3 for OCSP
and SCT is lacking forsight. OCSP and SCT are per-certificate metadata, not
per-connection metadata. By putting these responses in the
EncryptedExtensions, you limit these extensions to being shown once per
connection. This restricts future protocol extensions from using multiple
Certificate messages to support multiple certificates on the same
connection. An example of this is the post-handshake authentication
proposal (,
which currently requires a modified post-handshake Certificate message.
This proposed change would simplify the post-handshake auth proposal
significantly and generally make more sense as more certificate-specific
extensions are created.

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