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> > I actually completely agree with Timothy Jackson's recent posting:
> >
> >   After 15 years, everyone but us still calls it SSL. We need to
> >   admit that we lost the marketing battle and plan for a world where
> >   everyone calls “TLS X” “SSL X”. Even “new” implementations call
> >   themselves “LibreSSL” and “BoringSSL” rather than “LibreTLS” or
> >   “BoringTLS”.
> I'll drink to that!

I will also +1 this and add that if the goal is to reduce confusion, a last
minute renaming of TLS 1.3 to something else probably won't accomplish
that, but will rather create more confusion. There's already ample material
out there (papers, presentations, mailing list discussions, etc) which
talks about "TLS 1.3". Rebranding it now would add an additional bit of
errata everyone needs to learn if they ever encountered the "TLS 1.3"
version in any of these materials. And I think the whole SSL/TLS thing is
errata enough.

Tony Arcieri
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