A new meeting session request has just been submitted by Sean Turner, a Chair 
of the tls working group.

Working Group Name: Transport Layer Security
Area Name: Security Area
Session Requester: Sean Turner

Number of Sessions: 2
Length of Session(s):  2.5 Hours, 1 Hour
Number of Attendees: 120
Conflicts to Avoid: 
 First Priority: quic rtcweb stir curdle saag uta acme cfrg httpbis tokbind 
perc dispatch suit
 Second Priority: dprive ace
 Third Priority: tcpinc lamps

People who must be present:
  Eric Rescorla
  Sean Turner
  Joseph A. Salowey
  Kathleen Moriarty
  Benjamin Kaduk

Resources Requested:

Special Requests:
  If sec-dispatch ends up being a thing please don't schedule us against 
that.  Also please don't put us up against the TEEP.

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