On 3/7/18 12:58 PM, Eric Rescorla wrote:
> >  -  TLS SignatureScheme Registry: Values with the first byte in the
> >     range 0-253 (decimal) are assigned via Specification Required
> >     [RFC8126].  Values with the first byte 254 or 255 (decimal) are
> >     reserved for Private Use [RFC8126].  Values with the first byte in
> >     the range 0-6 or with the second byte in the range 0-3 that are
> >     not currently allocated are reserved for backwards compatibility.
> Unless I misunderstand the compatibility mechanisms here, the reservation of > first byte=0-6 seems to assume that no further assignments will be made from > the "TLS HashAlgorithm Registry" (after 4492bis lands). If this is the case, I > would expect the IANA considerations section to include a request that the IANA > close the table to further registrations. The same comment applies to TLS
> SignatureAlgorithm Registry.

Agreed, but I'd like to hear from the chairs.

I think we're still waiting to hear from the chairs on this topic.


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