Hi Ekr,

just one more comment on this part

> Am 07.03.2018 um 20:03 schrieb Eric Rescorla <e...@rtfm.com>:
> > > 3) I know previous versions of TLS didn't say that much either, but I
> > > find it a bit wired that there are NO requirements for the underlaying
> > > transport in this document. Previous version this at least said in the
> > > intro that a reliable transport (like TCP) is assumed, but even this
> > > minimal information seems to have gotten lost in this
> > > document. However, I would usually also expect to seen some minimal
> > > text about connection handling, e.g. is it okay to transparently try
> > > to reestablish the connection by the underlying transport protocol if
> > > it broke for some reason? Or it is okay to use the same TCP connection
> > > to first send other data and then start the TLS handshake?
> >
> > This is pretty explicitly outside the scope of TLS. It's just the job
> > of the underlying transport to simulate a reliable stream. I can add
> > some text that that's expected.
> If that is the only requirement, it would still be good to spell that out.
> Sure, I can add something.

Just to double-check, there is also no requirement or maybe recommend to not 
send cleartext and 0-RTT data in the same packet?


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