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 In IdLoc protocols like LISP, ILA, etc.  separation between (fixed)
Identifier and (dynamic) Location is proposed to find optimum path for data
packets to/from moving devices

The threats against privacy in IdLoc protocols include

location privacy where if a third party can at any time determine the IP
location of some identifier, then the device can at one point be IP
geolocated and

movement privacy where if a third party can determine that an identifier
has changed locator(s) at time T, then even without knowing the
particular locators
before and after, it can correlate this movement event with other
information to create a binding between the identifier and a person.

Privacy and security work is needed both in control and data plane

There is an existing draft
draft-nordmark-id-loc-privacy-00.txt that is expected to serve as a
starting point.

The work is expected to clear the way for a wider acceptance/deployment
of IdLoc protocol. This may open new application areas such as in future
mobile networks.

In future mobile networks more efficient differentiation of packet
handling according to specific service demands (QoS) are expected.
tunneling and encapsulation between IP addresses (= Id and/or Loc) have
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