I feel the same way as Barbara does and have tried to explain it many times. It's not so much our religious beliefs as regarding an embryo, from the time of fertilization, a human life entitled to a right to live just as any other human.

Those who don't consider an embryo a human life have no problem destroying embryos for research. I think the law currently recognizes embryos as property of the sperm and egg donors that created it and not a life.

As Gunny pointed out usable stem cells have been found in embryonic fluid. That is a tremendous scientific breakthrough which has been down played by the media. The media wants to focus on controversy to fit a political agenda. The media constantly wrongly says that some people are against all forms of stem cell research, when no one is. Some people, such as myself, are against only stem cell research which involve harming a viable human embryo.

After listening to Dr Kerr a couple times I have changed my opinion a little. Doug said he wants to use the IVF embryos that are malformed that would not result in a viable pregnancy. That seems fine to me. Those embryos could be declared dead (such as would be the case before organ donation) and then be used. I still can't get myself to go along with using otherwise still viable embryos just because they are left over and not going to be used in IVF.


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In a message dated 1/12/2007 1:29:54 AM Eastern Standard Time, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: In my not so humble opinion re this stem cell controversy, the only problem comes from those whose religious beliefs prevent them from looking at medical advances right in the eye and taking advantage of them.
Bobberino in redneck Elvisland

(Sigh). No, that's not it at all. As many have explained many times in as kind and as gracious a way as possible, it's a matter of regarding embryonic life as real and with as much of a right to live as we have.

But -- the point of these posts was to celebrate that there is a way to obtain stem cells without using embryos, not to bring up all those old arguments again.

Barbara H.

Jim Lubin
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