Hello Nicholas and others,

First off, thanks for making tmux! It is an integral part of my day to day
workflow and I love it.

I would like to tmux to have the ability to handle sequential key-bindings.
For example, I would like
to be able press: "<prefix> w s" in order to create a horizontal split.
(Note that I don't mean holding down w and s together, but rather pressed
in sequence). I don't believe that tmux can currently do this. I would like
this so I can keep my key-bindings more consistent across different tools.
Vim and emacs can both support this style of key binding and I use it
extensively, so it would be a great feature add for me personally :)

I've looked at implementing this feature myself and considered a couple of
ways of implementing it, but before I go off implementing I want some
insight and input from the people who have made tmux what it is today! I've
got a couple of questions:

1. Do you think it is a good idea / something that could be a part of tmux?
2. Do you have thoughts on the best place to implement something like this
within the source code? I've taken a look at two ways of doing it, but I
want to know what your gut might tell you (as you know the code much better
than I).
3. What is the best way to collaborate on something like this?

I'm open to suggestions and any thoughts you have, so please share when you
have the chance!

Tyler Ware

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