On Mon, May 09, 2011 at 09:31:05AM +0800, solotim wrote:
> I've been enjoying tmux for couple of weeks. There is a problem
> baffled me a lot and I don't know how to bypass it.
> Say, I have a long txt file, and I 'cat file.txt' in tmux, then
> the tmux will be busy to take over the output. If I press Ctrl-C
> at this time, it just doesn't work. 

This is an output buffering and/or SSH issue, and it's just about
the one thing that really makes tmux a problem for me.  GNU screen
didn't have this problem, so I know it's fixable, but unfortunately
(unlike the copy & paste stuff that I submitted a bunch of patches
for), it's so far from my area of expertise that I don't feel at all
comfortable trying to hack a solution together.


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