I have been playing around with tn5250j and love it!  thanks!  But I
have one configuration question.  when I embed the applet into a html
page and connect to my as400 the initial screens are all sized at the
default 80.  then when I get to a screen that is display size 132 I
get the error " The device file does not contain an entry for screen
size."   I don't get this error when I launch tn5250j by itself I have
no issues.  Am I missing something in the embedded applet?  any help
or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

my sessions file looks like this:

#------ Session Information --------
#Fri Jun 19 15:21:51 PDT 2009
s101149d= -p 23 -cp 37 -t -132 -dn\=hostname -spp 1080 -d

source in my html file looks like this:
  CODEBASE = "./java"
  CODE     = "org.tn5250j.My5250App.class"
  NAME     = "tn5250 - BPCS WEB Client"
  HEIGHT   = 700
  WIDTH    = 900
  HSPACE   = 30
  VSPACE   = 90
  ALIGN    = top
  ARCHIVE  = "tn5250j.jar"
<PARAM NAME ="host" VALUE= "">
<PARAM NAME ="-e" VALUE= " ">

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