Great to hear there's a new version. Still the best TN5250 emu out there. I 
installed it right away, and .... my -s options don't work anymore. TN5250j 
simply hangs. Use no CPU whatsoever. This is on WinXP Prof SP3.

I can start the jar file and it opens the first session (default). When choose 
'Connections' from the pop-up menu, all my connections are listed and when I 
open one of them, all settings are also still there. So no problems there.

But what has changed? How can I start 4 sessions at once with one command? I 
use a shortcut for this and the command in there looks like this:

        "c:\program files\tn5250j\tn5250j.jar" -s "MARCVOS-4" -s "MARCVOS-4" -s 
"MARCVOS-4" -s "MARCVOS-4" -noembed

This has worked the last I-don't-know-how-many years. But it doesn't work with 
0.6.2  :-(

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Marc Vos
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