Getting deeper today.  This tool has *lots* of potential.  I got macros working 
on connection and custom property files per session/connection.  This is great.

I found an issue when using command line parameter for hostname.  I am trying 
to automate my connection 100%.

This line does not work: java -jar tn5250j.jar KCBNSXDD.svr.us.jpmchase.net
If I remove the hostname and try again, it works fine.
If I add other command line options, like -d, it works fine.

The splash screen shows, then the app freezes and never starts.

Any ideas?


Log Output:
H:\saveme-hk\installers\tn5250j-0.6.2-jse6>java -jar tn5250j.jar 
WARN [org.tn5250j.My5250] Information Message: Can not find scripting support 
files, scripting will not be available: Failed to load interpreter drivers 
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/python/core/PyException
INFO [org.tn5250j.framework.common.SessionManager] New session Manager 
INFO [org.tn5250j.framework.Tn5250jController] plugin directory is: 
WARN [org.tn5250j.framework.Tn5250jController] Plugin path 
'H:\saveme-hk\installers\tn5250j-0.6.2-jse6\ext' does not exist. No plugins 
will be loaded.
INFO [org.tn5250j.framework.Tn5250jController] Tn5250j plugin manager created
INFO [org.tn5250j.framework.Tn5250jController] Tn5250j plugin manager started
<freezes here>

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