El 20/04/11 13:40, Ken McWilliams escribió:
> This is probably not the right group as this is not a tn5250j issue 
> (unless you mean printing just what is on the screen).  But 
> considering the amount of support...

Thank you very much for such a quick answer. I thought this would take 
much more time.

I understand that tn5250j is a terminal emulator for IBM AS/400. and as 
such, the terminal should tell the AS/400 where to send the printout.

> I'll point you in the direction that worked for me but this will be 
> far from a detailed solution.
> Get your linux cups web interface working...
> Go to http://localhost:631/ hopefully you'll see a web page for CUPS 1.4.4
> add your printer, share your printer, create a class for your printer 
> (I remember adding a class but don't remember if you must). For names 
> I always call my shared printer hp, and I call the printer class hp too.

I have my printer configured in CUPS and it works great.

> In iSeries navigator add a new printer ipp printer to your system.

Where is that? Is that inside TN5250J ? I cannot change the AS/400 but 
it lets me specify what device the printer is on. Should I specify 
/dev/lp0 ?

> When you want to print from the iSeries select your new printer 
> queue.  Done.  Might seem complicated the first time, but I found it 
> easier than sharing locally connected windows printers.

That is good news. :-)
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