I noticed in your code you call System.exit() in a few places.
Example: org.tn5250j.My5250.main()

This makes it difficult to call this method from other Java code.

Is there a recommended way to spawn new connections using the same virtual 
Example: I want to spawn your app from another app.

On idea, is call java.exe externally and pass the JAR name.
But I would rather call into your JAR directly -- same virtual machine (VM).

When I use a basic threading design, it won't work because System.exit() 
terminates the VM.
However, I built a very basic SecurityManager to trap calls to System.exit().
Now my solution works... but it is a slight hack.

Can you please provide the correct API calls... or remove System.exit() from 
your code?

We are big fans here.  Keep up the good work.

Please advise.

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