Hi everyone,

after a long time, there is a new release of TN5250j now.
There are a couple of useful bugfixes. Thanks to everyone,
who supported us.

The internal cope page conversion was rewritten, which was
an important step to support Hebrew characters (CP-424).
As of this version 0.7.0, TN5250j requires a Java 6 runtime.
Supporting older versions of Java needs more effort, thus
the older code branch is considered as deprecated.
There was not much development during the last months, but it's
time to release the existing bugfixes, now :-)


Enhancements/Change Log for Tn5250j
=== v0.7.0 =====================================================
19/01/2013 ===

ADD: Support for detecting reverse fields - Thanks to Roi Mor
FIX: Built in code page support for Hebrew (CP424) - Thanks to Roi Mor
FIX: Wrong keyboard mapping for CCSID 870-pl and 870-sk
FIX: Reworked tab close & session close, now unified handling on all events
FIX: Charset for CCSID 1141, according to
FIX: Updated JarBundler and fixed tnicon.icns (Thanks to Christian Gut)
FIX: bug id:3469004 (Scrolling Problem) - Thanks to Frank Töpfer
FIX: Updated IzPack installation - Thanks to sgonzalez3884
CHG: New default option use Enter instead of Ctrl key (See feature
request ID:3161670 and poll on mailing list in 01/2011)
CHG: New default option use 'mouse wheel: send page up/down'
CHG: New default option 'confirm signon screen before close'
CHG: Simplified internal mouse wheel scroll implementation, discarded
older JRE support (older than 1.4.2)
CHG: When selecting areas with mouse, always start a new rectangle
CHG: Internal code page conversions (charset mappings) re-factored
DEL: Dropped internal source code for older JRE support (older than 1.4.2)
DEL: Finally dropped broken MDI implementation

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