I have a problem with the tn5250j installation on machines with 
Windows 7? It isn't actually with the installer but with the windows 
7 options. With past machines and the ones in my lab it installs 
just fine.

1. Installing in the programs directory doesn't work, but that is 
easy to get around, by just putting it in c:\tn5250j.
2. The second issue is that the batch file doesn't work, for some 
reason the javaw isn't in the path, so the script doesn't work as is. 
I've found that manually going into the batch file, and putting the 
full path to the javaw will then work.

My lab has linux and XP, but no 7. Tried it in another lab that is 
new with 7 and it had this issue. Also, just had a student with a 
notebook, and it was the same.

Just wondering if anyone else has already come up with a 
solution. Main issue is finding where the javaw is located.


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