One of my students just told me there was a new version.
Seems to work fine, but think she ran into the permissions issue in creating 
the directory with windows 7. I've seen this before where it will not allow the 
default options. Sometimes I've changed it to using c:\tn5250j and it works, 
but sometimes that also fails, but going to the command prompt and creatign 
the directory has always worked. She will bring notebook in next class.

With installation on Fedora 20 linux the issue of the script file being in DOS 
format CF LF instead of unix format causes a failure, but just running 
dos2unix fixes that issue. Know some versions don't have an issue with 
scripts having the DOS formation, but Fedora doesn't like it. 

The SDA issue in Bug 185 is still there with 0.7.5, but since it wasn't 
mentioned in the readme assumed that it had not been resolved yet. 

  Michael D. Setzer II -  Computer Science Instructor      
  Guam Community College  Computer Center                                
  Guam - Where America's Day Begins                        
  G4L Disk Imaging Project maintainer
+----------------------------------------------------------+ (Original)
Number of Seti Units Returned:  19,471
Processing time:  32 years, 290 days, 12 hours, 58 minutes
(Total Hours: 287,489)

ROSETTA     26061072.383714   |   SETI        45062178.118687
ABC         16613838.513356   |   EINSTEIN    52251901.152700

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