On 2 Nov 2005 at 8:03, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> The compiler is just complaining about the lack of a declaration of
> 'type'.  Where are you assuming it is declared?
> template<bool isUnsignedInt> struct BindImpl<-1, isUnsignedInt, const char *>
>       {       // A string literal. Convert to FXString and pass
>               BindImpl(FXSQLDBStatement *s, FXint idx, bool upgrade, const 
> char *&v)
>               {
>                       FXString l(v);
>                       FXSQLDB::SQLDataType 
> datatype=FXSQLDB::toSQL92Type<type>(&v) ;
>                       s->bind(idx, datatype, (void *) &l);
>               }
>       };

Hmm, good point. Try replacing FXSQLDB::toSQL92Type<type>(&v) with 
FXSQLDB::toSQL92Type<FXString>(&v). GCC 4.x is much better at 
catching errors in rarely compiled templates than other compilers.


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