I have a question about the size of TnFOX vs the size of 'regular' FOX.  I have a regular fox lib thats 3.75 MB compiled (unstripped, release) with all the goodies I wanted.  A regular compile of TnFOX is 7.11 MB (unstripped, release).

Is there a way to cut TnFOX's size down considerably? Some scon flag to disable things? 

(This is how I compile FOX)
./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-jpeg --enable-png --enable-tiff --enable-bz2lib  --disable-cups --without-xshm --without-xrandr --enable-release --enable-shared=yes --enable-static=no --with-opengl --without-xcur

(This is how I compile TnFOX)
scons tnfox

Any help would be appreciated

(BTW, I dont know if my subscription to the tnfox mailing list has been activated yet, so I might not get the reply if its to the list)

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