On 26 Feb 2006 at 12:12, The Devils Jester wrote:

> I actually did use 3.4 for the compile of TnFOX (3.3 wouldnt work), and its
> still a pretty large lib compared to FOX.  Stripping can probably take a
> small chunk away but not enough to make a large difference.
> What is all being compiled into TnFOX that makes it so much larger?  All I
> need is basic GUI code with the IPC features.

Well there's an additional 35,000 lines of code in there which is 
about a third more than FOX v1.4. Here are some figures (for 

FOX 1.6 (with /O2): 2.14Mb
TnFOX no GUI: 0.95Mb
TnFOX minimal: 2.97Mb (+39%)
TnFOX full: 4.4Mb (+106%)

If you want something approaching minimal, see the FAQ section in 
include/TnFOXDocs.h from SVN. But in short, disable the FOX compat 
layer, disable openssl and the graphics libs (in sconslib.py) and 
delete the embedded copy of sqlite3 in the src directory.


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