I dont see a foxtests folder, I will look at the one in TestSUite and see I can make heads or tails of it, this is how I normally compile my app:

(a shell script that does the following)

g++ main.cpp -o myapp -L/usr/lib -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lGL -L./system -lpng -lfmod-3.74.1 -lFOX-1.6 -lXext  -ldl -lpthread -lX11 -lz -fpic -DHAVE_GL_H=1  -DHAVE_PNG_H=1 -I ./include/FOX -I ./include/FMOD

I need to somehow make scons do that exact thing, is there some kind of auto scon file generator?

On 2/26/06, Niall Douglas < [EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On 26 Feb 2006 at 12:16, The Devils Jester wrote:

> I will attempt to make a small test app using the same functions that I am
> using, see if it compiles (if not, I will mail the source).  I can also
> attempt to compile the test suite to see if its the compiler or not.

You can try the new set of FOX tests in SVN. Actually, I haven't
uploaded it yet but I will within the hour.

> Do you have any quick and easy ways to make a scons setup so I can use that
> to compile my app and maybe get a better understanding of whats going on?

Scons is very easy to use. I'd recommend copying the
foxtests/SConstruct file and altering as appropriate. I derived that
SConstruct from the TestSuite/CommonSConstruct.py in about five

Obviously, you may find the scons man page useful. There are FAQ's
and tutorials on the web too. BTW, I'll apologise now for the
structure of my SConstruct files - I began them well before scons
matured and I had to work around misfeatures.


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