On 26 Feb 2006 at 17:57, The Devils Jester wrote:

> When looking on the TnFOXDocs.h I noticed that with the compatiblity layer
> turned off, that it says these are not compiled:
>     Not compiled:
>     \li FX::FXDirBox
>     \li FX::FXDirDialog
>     \li FX::FXDirList
>     \li FX::FXDirSelector
>     \li FX::FXDLL
>     \li FX::FXDriveBox
>     \li FX::FXFileDialog
>     \li FX::FXFileList
>     \li FX::FXFileSelector
>     \li FX::FXPrintDialog
>     \li FX::FXReplaceDialog
>     \li FX::FXSearchDialog
> is that old info, or could that be the reson I get FXFile issues?

No that's when you define BUILDING_TCOMMON. You'll never do that in 
all likelihood.


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