Thanks for you answers, Niall.

I found problem: Previously I compiled dll project with  FOX_BIGENDIAN
and now (after I looked at scons build log) I compile with FOX_BIGENDIAN 
= 0.
It works.

I used QPipe for FXIPCChannel.

As I understand, QPipe is not good choice for connecting more than 2 
(I checked maxAtomicLength()  - 4096).

QLocalPipe is better for me (for intra-process communications).
I checked QLocalPipe code: CHUNKSIZE (64*1024). Maybe this will be 
enough for  messages..
I can use QLocalPipe with many threads, rigth?

But I can't connect via QLocalPipe.

Here how I do this:

On server side:
 >  FXERRHM(pipe = new QLocalPipe);
 >  pipe->create(IO_ReadWrite);
 >  FXERRHM(p = new ServerConnector(this, *pipe));

On client side:
 >  FXERRHM(pipe = new QLocalPipe(Global::pipe->clientEnd()));
 >  pipe->open(IO_ReadWrite);
 >  FXERRHM(wc = new ClientConnector(this, *pipe));

This is not worked..
If use QPipe in this way - It works.

Can you tell me where my mistake?

PS. BTW, Niall, in QLocalPipe documentation:
 > See QPipe for more information about how such objects work. One 
difference that there is no create(), instead there is an otherEnd() 
method which returns ...
otherEnd() ?? The typing error seems to me here... And Should be 
clientEnd() instead otherEnd().

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