sorry bill, but look this

spamt/spamt.cdb: Modified recently enough; hopefully up to date.

spamt.cdb (defaults): 
        throttle constant: 2000ms
        throttle max: 120000ms
        reasonable recipient count: 50
        pre-DATA flush? yes
        teergrubing periodicity: 50s
        teergrube response: (Default.) please wait.
        spam throttle (state) directory: spams
        other active network blocks (bits): none

i have a configuration, but this in realy dont work

when i have more than 50 messages, they dont have result
  i have try a lot of configs, but anyone work

maybe somebody have a file to me see
        i read the manual, i read the files in list, but i cant do this

please, help me! 

i just need this to this machine work how i need


PS, i have changes in spam/spams/wait and time

in theory this is work, but no how i need

thanks again

On Tue, 2005-06-21 at 09:55 -0700, Bill Shupp wrote:
> pruonckk wrote:
> > Hi all, this is my firs post!
> > 
> > i need a help, i cant understund how spamthrottle work
> Read the referred man pages many times.. this is not terribly easy to 
> understand.  At least it was not for me.
> > i have create a control/spamt file
> > qmail/spam directory
> > 
> > i create a configuration in spamt, the qmail-newst generate a cdb file
> > 
> > and the qmail-showctl recognize the spamt file
> > 
> > but how can i test this ? 
> See if the directories/files are being created in /var/qmail/spam
> > ne write something on smtpd/run ?
> No.
> Regards,
> Bill

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