Attendees: Stephen, Joshua, Ed, Sujith, David, Brian, Michael, Belen, Libby,


Joshua: Nothing this last week.

Ed: Nothing this last week,

Sujith: Updated bug 10199.

David: Working on 9494.  Preparing for ELCE talk on Toaster.

Brian: Reviewed and upstreamed patches.

Michael: Working on the delete issues. Working on notification systems.

Belen: Worked with Michael and tiding up to move to new project.

Libby: Finished QA testing M3 rc1.

Triage bugs:

Link to the wiki docs:

YP 2.2 Planning:

Please capture future items you want at the wiki:

Toaster Docker containers:


Instructions for running tests (in progress)


Brian - Review 6238 (Done)


David - When will M4 rc1 be built.  Target date is Oct 3rd, 12noon GMT.

Belen - Working event problem with bug 10185.  We want this one fixed in M4. 
Brian will try to work this, but if he can't get it done this week he will pass 
it to Ed.

Brian - Wish Belen the best, we will miss her when she leaves the team.
Brian - Review 9978.  We can't reproduce this anymore.  Libby will check and 


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