> > When using Jasper2 in JSP precompilation step, it load needed taglibs
> > jars defined in web.xml, but didn't release all of them after build
> > (here is how it's invoked)
> Does this mean JARs are locked ?

yes, and since ant is running on the eclipse JVM, no other way to
release the jar that to stop eclipse ;(

> > Another serious problem in Jasper2 precompilation is when web.xml
> > contains external entites living in the webapp. We fixed Jasper2 in
> > 5.5.9 to fixe this behaviour at runtime, but it appears it's also
> > needed in precompilation step.
> I actually forgot what the fix was.

If I recall exactly in JspConfig :

    private void processWebDotXml(ServletContext ctxt) throws JasperException {

        InputStream is = null;

        try {
            URL uri = ctxt.getResource(WEB_XML);
            if (uri == null) {
                // no web.xml

            is = uri.openStream();
            InputSource ip = new InputSource(is);

            ParserUtils pu = new ParserUtils();
            TreeNode webApp = pu.parseXMLDocument(WEB_XML, ip);

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