We have a question about QueryString handling in tomcat.  We have a
simple question; we noticed that tomcat carries querystring forward on
forward requests if the current forward querystring is NULL only.  Is
this the correct behavior and if so; were is this documented?  We've
been through the Servlet 2.4 spec and can't find a definition of this

The specification indicates that javax.servlet.forward.query_string
should reflect the initial client requested query string; however the
specification seems quiet about request.getQueryString's behavior.  Any
insight would be helpful.


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> Probably a late answer, but when you're saying that have been no
> changes to the sourcecode since alpha, you mean, that
> http://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=36541 is still open
> for 5.5.12?

No, that's not what I mean.  As the 5.5.12 changelog indicates, issue
36541 is
fixed in that release.  It was included in the 5.5.12-alpha distro, and
so it's
in the stable release as well.

> So the bug is "resolved/fixed" but actually unfixed for next 6 month?

No, you misunderstood.  As an aside, even if the 36541 fix were not
included in
5.5.12, I would disagree with "actually unfixed" and "next 6 month" as
would be accurate.  But these are separate issues for a separate thread
if you
want to rant about how Bugzilla is used or about how frequently we cut


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