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> jakarta-tomcat-connectors/jk/native2/server/isapi jk_isapi_plugin.c
> Mladen, there are 2 ways to configure i_r2.dll, with a 
> properties file in the same dir where the dll resides, and 
> using the registry, i'm all to this patch but i like to see 
> it configurable in the p file aswell, right now this needs to 
> have jk2 inited as is using jk2 own p files reading methods, 
> using jk2 pools and map objets and so on , see 
> read_registry_init_data in jk_isapi_plugin.c.., 

I'm aware of that, but the problem is that all that has to happen in the
phase that we don't have a environment created yet. The solution is
either to create the environment prior to or inside the GetFilterVersion
to be able to use the current file or registry functions, or use the one
I've created.
Since I think that this patch is only temporary solution to the
SF_NOTIFY_AUTH_COMPLETE problems, and will eventually disappear,
rearranging environment creation process and initialization would be IMO
But if you can think of a cleaner solution that wouldn't involve any
kind of locking inside either DllMain or GetFilterVersion, and that way
locking the iis itself, than we could use the existing configuration


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